Sundays & Wednesdays

In addition to weekly worship services, we have regular programming by age group on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Things don’t look completely normal around here yet, but we’re getting back into our weekly rhythms with the activities below!

Sunday morning Connect Groups

If you have not been attending a Connect Group – now is a great time to get connected! Even though not all of these groups are meeting in person, we are still able to see each other, share prayer requests, and hear great teaching. You can even ask questions and share your personal insights about the lesson.

Join a Group
If you would like to connect, just email the church office at and we will have the teacher send you the information about how to join their class. Those without computer/internet access can participate on the phone, so call the church office 804-739-3001 to be connected that way. 


Is your Connect Group back to in-person meetings? See below!

  • College/Career: Co-ed (18-24) In-Person, Building J at 10a
  • Pruett, Peat, McNeil: Couples (25-35) Virtual at 9a
  • Chris Derry: Co-ed (25-40) Virtual at 9:30a
  • Jason Hill: Co-ed (30-45) Virtual at 9:30a
  • Jamie Rutherford: Co-ed (35-50) In-Person with Virtual Option, Worship Suite at 9:30a
  • Dave Neudeck: Co-ed (40-60) In-Person, 207AC
  • Chris Moore: Co-ed (40-65) Virtual at 9a
  • Jerry Keith: Co-ed (55-65) In-Person with Virtual Option, Building C at 10:30a
  • Art Avent: Co-ed (55-70) 207EG at 8a
  • Early Son Risers: Co-ed (55-75) Virtual at 9:25a
  • Carl Turner: Co-ed (55+) Virtual at 9a
  • Crowder, Jennings, Parks, Monroe: Co-ed (60-75) In-Person, Refuge Student Building at 9a
  • Garber, Hancock: Women (25-60) Building I at 10a
  • Irene Reynolds: Women (60+) Virtual at 9a
  • Eaton/Coltrane/Fuller: Co-ed (70+) In-Person at 10a in 207EG
  • Easter: Co-ed (Single Adults) In-person at 9:30a in Building B
  • Student Connect Groups (6th-12th Grade) In-person at 5p in the Fellowship Hall

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Preschool & Children

Children and Preschool are not currently meeting in-person on Sunday mornings. Visit the Children’s Ministry page to see complete information regarding regular infant through 5th grade childcare and Connect Group classes. 


As we navigate current safety concerns, we will be scheduling Wednesday night activities a few weeks at a time. Check the bulletin announcements page for the latest Wednesday night session information!

Connecting with God, Connecting with Others, Connecting Others with God

At Swift Creek we are all about making connections. The most important connection is the one we can have with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Once that connection is established we want to make connections in our homes and with the rest of the church family. A strong church is built by people of strong faith and individual homes where God is worshiped and honored. Read More...

Phone: 804.739.3001
Fax: 804.739.8996

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