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Women’s FunShops

April 12 @ 6:00 pm - April 13 @ 2:00 pm


April 12 @ 6:00 pm
April 13 @ 2:00 pm
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Friday, 6-9, Saturday 8:30a-2p
Join us (and bring a friend) for a great weekend of worship, teaching, fellowship and fun! Christen McKey will be sharing her testimony of God’s faithfulness through the trials of life and the beauty He reveals about Himself as we walk with Him. Choose from a variety of breakout sessions led by women of Swift Creek!

Cost: $25 | Dinner Friday, Breakfast and Lunch Saturday included! 

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Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session Descriptions

A. Meet Him in the Garden – Jennifer Harvey
Ever wonder why there are so many references to agriculture in the Bible or feel lost about their meaning?  Join Jennifer for a deep dive into ancient Israel’s agrarian society for some clues.  We will unlock some of these scriptures with new understanding and get practical ideas for you to participate in God’s creation.  God is inviting you to the garden with Him.

B. Simple Wellness – Grace Clark
Come chat about ways to manage stress, avoid toxins in your home and food, and support your immune system. We will focus on simple swaps and many things that are even free! 

C. Gut Health & Brain Health – Danielle Barnes (Board certified in nutrition science and nationally certified personal trainer)
As you age, your GI tract and brain are recruited to work harder to maintain regular function. What can you do to optimize their function and improve the quality of how you age as a woman? Sign up and join us as we deep dive into hormone health, microbiome research, the science of exercise, and have a little fun too 😉

D. How to Start a Book Club – Nanci Jackson
Have you ever wanted to join a bookclub but not sure what it was? Or have you ever wanted to start one yourself and don’t know where to start? Then this is the class for you! Learn about some great guidelines and even book recommendations!

E. Blessing Boxes – Tammy Hall & Tracy Escobar
Have you ever wondered how you can encourage, celebrate or help a friend in fun and practical ways? This mother/daughter duo will be sharing ways to bless a friend inexpensively.

F. A Bird’s Eye View of the Bible – Nancy Graham
When you try to look up a passage in the Bible, do you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what she’s doing? Are the books of the Bible all jumbled in your mind? Would you like to get a better understanding of the Bible’s general story line? Then join us for a session to get a better handle on how the Bible is laid out and what’s in it, seeing Jesus in the Old and the New Testaments and how Scripture fits into human history and into your life. Bring your Bible and a pen.

G. Tea Time – Shannon Lloyd
Learn about the many varieties of loose leaf teas and enjoy taste testing! We will explore health benefits of some teas as well as favorite flavors to simply relax, enjoy and of course discover a great way to be hospitable! 

H. Food Preservation – Amanda Toney
Have you always wanted to learn how to can or freeze your own food? Do you want to be more self-sufficient and know what goes into your food? Come learn the basics on how to preserve food with confidence.

I. Concrete & Country: Finding Rest Through Nature Right Outside Your Door – Renee Young
We know spending time in nature has untold benefits, but how are you supposed to get outside when your day is already full and so much is already falling by the wayside!? Come gain some practical advice on how to get outside each day, learn surprising stats and benefits of nature, and leave with a starting point for all ages and stages—all without leaving your Metro Richmond area.

J. Finding the Hero in Your Husband – Rosemary Campbell
How can we halt the drift that naturally occurs and intentionally get back to where we need to be? We, as wives, have more influence in our marriages than we realize. Learning to speak life into our husbands can lead to greater connection.

K. How to Start an Etsy Shop for Beginners – Erin Blackwell
Do you have a talent for creating and want to venture into selling? Do you feel overwhelmed on how to get started? This workshop is geared to help navigate anyone wanting to venture into selling their product on Etsy. Since 2015, I have been a seller on Etsy and it has been such a fun experience! My hope is that you will learn, ask questions, and leave excited and ready to start your own Etsy shop!

L. Moving Beyond the Page: Discovering Hidden Riches in Children’s Literature – Connie Gunther
Explore ways to nurture a love of reading and help children grow into world-changers! Encourage readers to dig deeper than the stated text and explore the story’s broader message. Consider how children’s books can be used to support Christian values and educational goals.

M. Who Really Knows You? – Lauren Monroe
Do you use the same login and password for more than 1 of your accounts? Do you reply to text messages or emails that look legitimate, but you aren’t sure if they are? Have you ever given your social security number over the phone to someone who represented themselves as an employee of your bank or credit card company? If so, your identity may be at risk. This class will explore some of the “innocent” responses we give out to strangers without realizing the damage it can do later and ways we can protect ourselves.

N. Finding Your Calm in the Chaos: Intentionality During the Busy Seasons of Life – Melanie Derry
Does your schedule leave you overwhelmed? Do you often feel drained and as if you have nothing left to give? Join me for this interactive session where we’ll examine our priorities, dive deep into the role of relationships, and walk away with practical strategies to help maintain balance in our busy lives.

O. Homeschooling – Rachel Lewis
Learn how to plan ahead so you can successfully homeschool your high schooler. We will discuss grading, transcripts, dual enrollment, driver education, etc. This session is for anyone who is currently homeschooling or interested in homeschooling at any grade level. Come prepared with any questions you may have, and I hope to see you there.

P. Ancient History and the Bible – Kristie Blyseth
Come hear the story of Pharaoh’s daughter from the Book of Exodus. Learn how she became the most powerful female pharaoh and most effective pharaoh (male or female) in Egyptian history. She was a REALLY big deal and I can’t wait to introduce you to her.

Q. Rhythms of Renewal – Meghan Reynolds
Let’s study God’s Word together to see rhythms and tools we should be using daily, weekly, monthly & yearly to remain steadfast through times of hills and valleys. We will learn how Jesus gives us examples and commands to follow in order for us to draw near and stay near to Him in the midst of the chaos of life. We will flesh out these things in a practical way so we can make intentional plans for our obedience and to follow through in our daily walk. Please bring your Bible, phone and planner (if you use one).

R. Clay Earring Making – Tammy Cooper
I fell in love with clay earrings several years ago because they are so light to wear & don’t pull on your earlobes. There are tons of colors & designs too! I started making my own a little over a year ago! In this Funshop you will have a lot of fun learning how to make a cute pair of clay earrings that you will take home with you to bake. It’s so easy!

S. Make Love Fun! – Misi Rose
How to make love fun again….or for the first time! For the married gal looking to put the fun back in the bedroom and beyond. Intimacy can be FUN! Learn more about the why behind God’s design for intimacy, and tips for making love FUN!  (Also okay for soon-to-be-marrieds to attend!)

T. Getting to Know and Love Your International Neighbor – Elaine Rierson
Learn how to build relationships with people from other cultures and how to share God’s love with your new friends. I will use some conversation questions from a Christian Psychologist along with two different ways to share the gospel.

U. Planning A Disney Vacation – Ashley Long
Don’t let planning your dream vacation become a nightmare! I will share some of the best ways to navigate planning for your future Disney trip!