Moms Ministry

Our goal with Swift Creek MOMs is to point the women of Swift Creek Baptist Church and their friends to become more like Christ. We want to to connect with God through the studying of his Word, connect with others through accountability and fellowship, and connect others with God by living missionally where God has placed us.
Swift Creek MOMs will look different than in the past as we are merging our traditional Women’s ministry with our MOMs group. This will create a better picture of what the local church (Swift Creek Baptist Church) is supposed to be. There will still be opportunities for the moms to have meetings where we will speak more directly to the issues that we as young moms encounter.
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What can i expect?

  • An encouraging and relaxing atmosphere for mothers to socialize with other mothers
  • A moment to enjoy hot coffee and warm food, uninterrupted
  • A safe place to explore the unique role as woman, wife, mother, friend, daughter
  • An environment to meet your emotional and spiritual needs
  • Creative and useful craft projects
  • An opportunity to form lasting friendships through small table groups 
  • Devotional teachings on different aspects of being a good mother and a godly woman
  • Presentations of various life lessons and skills: Learning Your Child’s Love Language, Infant/ Child CPR, Home Organization, Artisan Bread Making, Intimacy After Birth, and Discipline in Parenting, to name a few

Where is my child during meetings?

Your child will be in an age-appropriate room with our wonderful childcare workers.  They will be loved and will learn about the love of Jesus.  We are glad to be able to offer a homeschool room for those who are currently homeschooling older children.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Call the Preschool Office at 804.739.3001 or email Children’s Pastor Luke Long,

Connecting with God, Connecting with Others, Connecting Others with God

At Swift Creek we are all about making connections. The most important connection is the one we can have with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Once that connection is established we want to make connections in our homes and with the rest of the church family. A strong church is built by people of strong faith and individual homes where God is worshiped and honored. Read More...

Phone: 804.739.3001
Fax: 804.739.8996

7511 North Spring Run Road
Midlothian, VA 23112