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Welcome to the Swift Creek Crisis Support Ministry. Here you will discover a powerful ministry to help you or someone you know in the midst of a painful life situation. We want to extend our hand of mercy and grace to you so you will ultimately find restoration and hope in the hands of God who loves you. God’s grace is sufficient for our every weakness, and this ministry will help you fulfill God’s purpose for your life: to connect to God, to connect with others, and to help others connect with God. Below you will see the ministries Swift Creek provides for church member support as well as for community outreach. Connect by clicking the highlighted links. All registrations and applications are kept private with recognized leaders of each ministry.

Grief Share

Through support groups, practical advice and biblical study, Grief Share is a ministry for the church and community to help you face the loss of a spouse, child, family member, or friend—and move towards rebuilding your life. I would like to join a Grief Share group. 

Divorce Care

Divorce Care is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You will learn how to heal from the deep hurt of divorce and discover hope for your future. Learn More.

Our Journey of Hope: Cancer Care

Our Journey of Hope is a cancer care ministry available to anyone who is fighting cancer or who is ready to make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer. This is a ministry of hope, courage and compassion sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentors is one couple coming alongside another couple as friends, guiding, encouraging and imparting life skills from a biblical perspective that result in better communication, conflict resolution and overall marital satisfaction. Apply for a Marriage Mentor.


Our Bereavement team serves families who have lost a loved one. Members are trained to successfully implement our mission to give comfort and support to the grieving families of our church by organizing family meals, giving time, hearing thoughts and sharing their tears. Contact the church office if you are interested in serving with this ministry.

Between Jobs Ministry

This ministry provides support for job seekers and those in career transition. Through mentorship, prayer support, and connecting to job search resources and other practical assistance, such as resume review and financial guidance, the ministry will come along side you in your job search. If you would to participate or volunteer with this ministry, please fill out the Ministry Application.


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To EQUIP and EMPOWER church members to share the the Word of Truth and their redeemed lives with those in need.

To ENGAGE the hurting in their time of need by helping them find restoration and reconciliation with God through salvation.

To CONNECT those in crisis to a mentor or small group ministry within the church to facilitate and celebrate recovery for the glory of Christ.

To CULTIVATE spiritual growth in participants, producing Christ-like character and lifestyles.

To COMMISSION maturing believers who are experiencing victory within their crisis to invest in others what has been invested in them.

Connecting with God, Connecting with Others, Connecting Others with God

At Swift Creek we are all about making connections. The most important connection is the one we can have with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Once that connection is established we want to make connections in our homes and with the rest of the church family. A strong church is built by people of strong faith and individual homes where God is worshiped and honored. Read More...

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