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Contend is not a new Connect Group, rather an opportunity for Christians to attend topical sessions that will be taught throughout the semester. If there is a topic of interest, you can drop in for just that Sunday. Likewise, if you’re interested in everything on the list then stay for the whole thing!

Did you know that Christians are called to love God with their mind? All throughout scripture, God entreats his people to go deeper, to love wisdom, to embrace knowledge and understanding, and to be ready to articulate the truths of the faith in season and out of season. This is no small calling! But with time and effort, a disciple of Christ can apply one’s self and learn the truths of God.

To help people along this journey, Swift Creek is now offering Contend—a two-year curriculum spread out over four semesters developed and taught by members of Swift Creek. 

The team has worked tirelessly to help present the truth of God in a way that even new believers can understand without sacrificing depth. It is sure to challenge the most mature Christians to go deeper in their faith. Each semester has a different theme: Define, Delineate, Defend, Deliver.

DELINeate SCHEDULE (Winter/Spring 2018)

Sunday Mornings at 11am in Building C

What makes the Christian worldview unique among worldviews? With a foundation laid, you can compare the Christian worldview with many other world religions to see how they are similar and also where they are different. Understanding this can shape your witness and build bridges with those of different belief systems in order to show them the truth of Jesus.

Defining a Worldview
January 7
Define a worldview and how it determines how you respond to issues in the world.

What is my Worldview?
January 14
We will ask probing questions to help you better understand your own worldview.

Secular Worldviews: Pt. 1
January 21
Atheism/Agnosticism/Naturalism/Anti-Theism. Learn about these worldviews and how they differ from Christianity

Secular Worldviews: Pt. 2
January 28
Nihilism and Postmodernism. Grasp the unique challenges put forward by worldviews that reject objectivity and how this contrasts with Christianity.

Eastern Worldviews: Pt. 1
February 4
Learn about this worldview which blends Eastern spirituality and psychology to form quasi-religious worldviews and how it differs from Christianity

Eastern Worldviews: Pt. 2
February 11
Shintoism, Taoism, and Chinese Folk Religion. Learn about major influences behind these Eastern religions and how they compare to Christianity.

February 18
Learn about one of the world’s largest religions and how its moral code compares with Christianity.

February 25
Learn about one of the world’s most enigmatic faiths with a myriad of deities and its impact on culture.

March 4
Learn about this major world religion, how it impacts culture today, and how they see Jesus.

March 11
Study the Jewish religion then and now and its relationship to Christianity.

March 18
Know the similarities and differences between modern Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity.

March 25
Study the origin, beliefs, and practices of Mormonism, and how they see Jesus.

Jehovah’s Witness
April 1
Study the origin, beliefs, and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and how they see Jesus.

Gender Identity and Sexuality
April 8 & 15
Understand the issues behind gender identity and sexuality, what’s at stake, and how to address these issues from a Christian worldview.

April 22
Topics include special needs, abortion, euthanasia, and human dignity.

Poverty and Homelessness
April 29
Gain a biblical understanding of poverty and the responsibility of Christians to assess and address poverty in the world.

May 6
Racism didn’t die after the Civil Rights movement. Understand how racism is viewed in America and how Christians ought to respond to it. 

Immigration and Refugees
May 13
People are constantly on the move either by choice or by coercion. Learn about how Christians can respond to these issues.

The Exploitation of Women, Children, and Modern Slavery
May 20
Globally, there is an epidemic driven by the sex trade. Understand how this impacts culture in many unseen ways and how Christians can respond to it.

Addictions and Substance Abuse
May 27
Drugs, alcohol, work, pornography, and even hobbies—these can all be addictions. Understand the patterns and how Christians should respond.

The Persecuted Church
June 3
Hostility towards Christianity has existed since the time of Christ. See the history of this phenomenon and how Christians around are responding.



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